Meal Prep Sundays   

Meal prep has not only been very helpful in our family but it has also become a family activity. You can usually find us cooking up a storm on Sunday afternoons. It’s a time that we spend together talking about what is going on in our lives, future plans and everything in between. 

We all have busy lives but cooking helps us spend some quality time together. It also helps us to create healthy meals. In our family, healthy eating is a priority. That’s not to say that we don’t indulge and make some homemade desserts too! 

We have found that when we wait until the last minute to prepare meals, we do not eat very healthy. We would grab a bag of cookies or make a meal that really was not as balanced as we would like. Here are some meal prep tips from the Lazvita family to yours.

Plan your meals for the week

Every weekend, (pre Covid-19) my wife and I would go grocery shopping for the week. When you create a plan, you only have to go shopping once a week and waste less time going to the store multiple times. We make sure to look up recipes we want to try and make a plan for the week. We then add all the ingredients to our list. We like to share a note on our phone and throughout the week we just add to the list. This way we both have an updated list at all times. An added bonus is that it keeps you away from the junk food aisle. 

Pick a day

It’s important to find a day that fits your schedule. Sundays fit our schedule perfectly, since we both tend to be home on that day. We also have some additional time to cook meals that sometimes are not convenient or quick to make during the week. 

Prep meals for a week or two

When you are cooking you want to be efficient. We usually chop the vegetables for all our meals at the same time. We create a “mise en place” for all our meals that we plan to cook that day. Sometimes we even chop up ingredients for meals during the week to make assembly quick and easy. 

We try to choose meals that are both healthy and convenient. Most weeks we cook a vegetable soup such as broccoli or a carrot ginger soup. We also buy boneless chicken breasts that are quick and easy to cook. Once they’re cooked, we put them in ziplock bags and store them in the freezer. That way, when we finish our work day and don’t know what to eat, we can easily defrost a piece of chicken, make a salad, and we have ourselves a healthy meal. We also try to cook larger quantities. For example, we try to buy a couple of packs of chicken breasts at the same time so I will have to cook less the following week.

We are also a big fan of mason jars. They are a safe and great way to keep soups and stews fresh and you don’t have to wait for the food to cool down. The soups and stews stay fresh and are easy to serve when we come home late from a day of work.

These are just some examples of what we cook for our weekly meals, but there are so many healthy options to you can choose from.

Don’t forget the snacks

Sometimes we focus on the main meal  and we forget to prepare healthy snacks. We love to make our own homemade granola and peanut butter energy balls. These are quick snacks that require little prep. Another idea is to hardboil a few eggs for a high protein snack or some carrots with hummus.

Remote or not you need to prep

You may be very tempted to eat unhealthy snacks while working from home. If you prepare snacks and meals for the week, you will be less tempted to reach for the cookies when you’re in a rush. Most bad food choices are made out of laziness.

BONUS: Save some extra Cash

Take out is unnecessarily expensive. Invest in some cooking essentials such as a dutch oven or a crockpot and a few good recipe books. Wasting food is also a money waster. Meal planning can help you make the most of the food you have purchased and ensure you stay on budget.

Be sure to leave a comment if you found this article helpful or if it affected your wellness journey in a positive way.

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