Schedule Me Time

Growing up all you had was time to do whatever made you happy and what you enjoyed. All your time was “me time”. As you grow older, you go to school, graduate and find a job. The next thing you know, you find yourself in a routine of work, home, and family obligations. Life can get chaotic and we forget to schedule time for ourselves. We need some time to reset ourselves and recharge. In this fast-paced world, “me time” is more important than ever.

I always make sure to schedule “me time”. As stated in past blog posts, I used to be overweight for most of my life. Once I lost the weight and realized how much better I felt, I really enjoyed going to the gym. I make sure to make it a part of my schedule each and every week. It starts my day off on the right foot and makes me feel great! It’s no longer about losing weight, but more about staying active. That’s my me time!

In life, there will always be “something else” you can be doing. Don’t let that excuse take over your “me time”. Set it aside on your calendar, schedule it, and stick to it! I go to the gym 4 days a week, rain or shine (and snow). I may not be in the mood when getting out of bed at such an early hour, but once I’m done my workout, I feel great and there’s no better way I would start my day. Everyone can fit in at least 15 minutes a day for themselves. No Excuses!


Be sure to leave a comment if you found this article helpful or if it affected your wellness journey in a positive way.

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