Never be Satisfied

If you’re on a weight loss journey like myself you may have set a goal. Mine was to lose 50lbs. I not only accomplished my goal, but I also exceeded it. I was able to lose more weight than expected and I am the healthiest I’ve been in my entire adult life.

You may ask now what? What’s the next step?

Once you have accomplished your goals you may lose the motivation and fall into old habits. You need to set new goals for yourself.

If you run, run longer or faster.
If you lift weights, strive to increase the weight you lift.

Just keep on improving.

You can apply this to all aspects of your life. You will never be satisfied with accomplishing your goal for a long period of time. It is human nature. Just keep taking on new challenges.


Be sure to leave a comment if you found this article helpful or if it affected your wellness journey in a positive way.

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