Every Day is a Cheat Day

In the past, I have always struggled with keeping off the pounds. I would always start a diet and after a week or two, I would find it tough to stay on track. The key to keeping the weight off for me has been not following a strict diet.

Here are some tips that helped me finally lose weight after years of dieting.

Change your Lifestyle
Following a strict diet that is difficult to adhere to will not work. You need to change your eating habits but in a sustainable way. If you go on some crazy carb-cutting diet, once you stop you will gain it all back. Indulge a little but stay on track. Make healthier choices. Find fruits and vegetables that you like and slowly integrate them into your diet and leave out the sweets.

Do you have a Cheat Day?
When I was losing weight, I was often asked, “Do you have a cheat day?” This question is not applicable when you change your lifestyle. There is no need to go overboard one day of the week and then feel terrible the next day for overindulging. You don’t need to avoid eating that piece of chocolate cake entirely, just cut the portion size. Another alternative is limiting desserts to 2 or 3 days per week.

Also, don’t be afraid to indulge during the holiday season. Just choose your desserts wisely! Do you want that beer or that nice piece of chocolate cake? (I would choose the cake). Everything in moderation.

Which leads me to my next point….

Throw out your Junk Food
Yes, you read that correctly. Do not keep junk food in your house. If it’s not there you can’t eat it.

Do I Really Need to Exercise?
YES! Once you lose a certain amount of weight you will plateau and it will be increasingly difficult to reach your goal weight without exercise. Not to mention the numerous health benefits associated with exercise. This is not only about weight loss but also about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise does not need to be lifting weights or going to the gym. Join a local sports team, go for a walk, practice yoga. Just have fun! If it’s not fun, you will not continue exercising.

Build a Routine
Want to exercise but can’t find the time? That was my excuse for many years. Set your alarm and go to the gym early or mark it on your calendar. Do what you have to do to stay consistent.

Ignore all the Advice…Except from the Experts.
In the end, only you know what is the right plan for you and your body. You may want to set an appointment with your doctor or a dietician, who can set you on the right track. They can develop a customized plan for you.

Be sure to leave a comment if you found this article helpful or if it affected your wellness journey in a positive way.

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